Buying or selling a home can be highly stressful. Whether you’re looking to buy your first, or sell your fiftieth, let one of our experienced agents guide you through the process. We put the focus where it should be – on our clients – and it shows.

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Investment and Commercial Property

Investing in residential real estate can be an overwhelming process – with a lot of moving parts to consider – for people looking to get into the business. It can also be quite profitable. We have extensive experience in helping investors identify and purchase suitable properties for their portfolios.

Selecting commercial Real Estate for your new or expanding business can be a complex experience; lease terms, building size, renting vs. buying; all of these can impact how the deal is structured, as well as your bottom line. We have extensive experience in the commercial real estate field.

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property management


Owning multiple units of rental property can bring with it many benefits, but also many headaches, and owning and managing  properties are two entirely different things. Sometimes, problems can arise if you don’t live near your property, are inundated with management tasks, your time is limited, or you view owning rental property strictly as an investment and want little to do with its day-to-day management.

We’re well-versed in all aspects of managing properties. We help you by filling vacancies with the best possible tenants, making sure your property is well maintained both inside and out, tracking income and expenses to ensure profitability, negotiating leases, collecting rent, tracking deposits, and dealing with problem tenants and evictions. This allows you to reap the benefits of owning rental property, while saving you valuable time.

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